While this is basically the same as the previous post, the same pesto, the one that was paste-like and full of spinach, worked well on a simple white fish. I just placed a generous layer of pesto on a fish that has little flavor of its own, tilapia, and baked it for 15 minutes. The pesto infused the fish with its nutty, herby flavor. Just as with the chicken, the oil kept the fish moist, yet most melted out onto the foil lining the pan.

Tilapia with Pesto

I don’t like to give out exact times and temperatures for fish, since each is unique. A thin fish cooks faster than a fat steak cut or whole fish, etc. Make sure your fish is beginning to flake, however remove it from the oven before it is fully cooked. The heat will cause it to continue cooking.

A girlfriend told me last night that she is afraid of cooking fish since it seems different every time. It is. There is no shame in checking your fish frequently with a fork until it begins to flake. I set my timer before I think the fish will be cooked, poke it with a fork every few minutes and take it out before it is perfect. Plate your other foods and the fish will complete itself before you get it to the table.

Works every time.