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The giant parade of food trucks arrived in my village again yesterday afternoon.  I’m reminded of the excitement I felt as a young child when the carnival came through in the summer.

The Food Truck Baazar is like a carnival of food.

Some trucks are large.  Some trucks are small.  Some are shiny and some look as though they were painted with a spray can in the driveway.  Each truck is unique.

Ah, unique.  That is why I go to these things.  If I wanted the same-old-same-old, I wouldn’t bother to leave my comfortable, air-conditioned home.  I go out in search of something new and inventive.

My friends gathered, set our agenda and prowled around over a dozen trucks in an attempt to make our decisions wisely.  We’re just old enough not to run up to the prettiest truck and order.  We only have the small space of our stomachs to fill, so we have to be careful with our selections.  We roamed like a pack, sniffing the aromas outside of each venue, asking diners what they thought and how they made their selection.  People gladly held up their selections so we could see.  Strangers even offered tastes.   It was a lovely crowd.

One of my group might grab a snack to share so we could put off our ultimate decisions.  As we scattered to investigate and gathered again at our designated spot in front of the Korean Barbecue truck, we laughed that Mike had begun his evening of eating with a desert.  The rest of us nibbled and shared some wonderful roasted Brussel sprouts.

Great food passes through this tiny window and it’s served with a smile.

For me, the winner was once again Chef Adams truck, Big Wheels.  Here’s why.  While most trucks have the same menu and recipes each day, printed on the side of the truck, Chef Adams gathers fresh, native ingredients and begins to create his menus according to what he finds best.  Last night, I had a spicy, sticky rice and lump crab, presented in a fresh, Florida avocado.  It was perfect.  His entire menu is inventive, fresh and healthy.  He is also the one who serves roasted Brussel sprouts.  He runs out of those each time.

How cool is it that I live in a town where the favorite walking around and nibbling food isn’t pretzels.  It’s Brussel Sprouts!